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Word Example of - copious

    Example Sentences for copious

    So much for Mr. Belloc's most copious revelation of his personality.

    His ear was well-tuned, and his diction was elegant and copious.

    When he broke his mashie at the fourth, I treated him with copious selections from In Memoriam.

    So copious an alphabet would have been a continual source of error.

    I have often gleaned some curious bibliographical intelligence from its copious pages.

    The work concludes with notes, a glossary of Yankee terms, and a copious index.

    Jasper inquired of Gracie; who however declined, as if to make up for her mother's copious consommation.

    The first of these motives is a stream of copious abuse, as in Per.

    The most copious collections relate to the study of medicine and natural science.

    The belly is hard and painful, and in the morning there is a copious flow of saliva, and an uncommon craving for dry food.

Word Origin & History of - copious

    Word Origin & History

    copious late 14c., from L. copiosus "plentiful," from copia "abundance, profusion, plenty," from com- "with" + ops (gen. opis) "power, wealth, resources," from PIE base *op- "to work, produce in abundance" (see opus). Related: Copiously.