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What is a better word for copiously? What's another word for copiously? What are 5 "copiously synonyms"? How can I replace the word copiously? What is the meaning of copiously in English?

Word Example of - copiously

    Example Sentences for copiously

    He means every word he says; and if he is copiously rhetorical, set it all down to the literary temperament.

    Whence comes the yeast which issues so copiously from the fermenting tub?

    We can honestly commend Professor Pouchet's book, which is admirably, as it is copiously illustrated.

    In them the principles of morality should be copiously intermingled with the principles of science.

    It has already been stated that a large number of Bacon's books have been recovered, copiously annotated by him.

    The labours of the twenty prime years of his manhood have been copiously bewailed.

    This, however, will be carefully and copiously discussed in another and more fitting place.

    It is generally supposed that dew is formed most copiously in the mornings and evenings.

    On arriving at Court, the Legate opened his sweet box, and copiously gave out its smooth confectionery.

    Copiously illustrated and well provided with maps and plans.

Word Origin & History of - copiously

    Word Origin & History

    copious late 14c., from L. copiosus "plentiful," from copia "abundance, profusion, plenty," from com- "with" + ops (gen. opis) "power, wealth, resources," from PIE base *op- "to work, produce in abundance" (see opus). Related: Copiously.