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What is a better word for copy? What's another word for copy? What are 5 "copy synonyms"? How can I replace the word copy? What is the meaning of copy in English?

Word Example of - copy

    Example Sentences for copy

    At the next Chapter a copy of the Rule was given to all the Brethren.

    The author has a copy of his first book before him as he writes.

    Why, it is not stated, the officer not even producing the copy of a writ.

    But that copy I sent down in charge of a certain person to Beechill.

    It would have done Motte no harm, for no English copy has been sold, but the Dublin one has run prodigiously.

    Do not attempt slavishly to copy the rock garden of some one else.

    The "Iliad" had Porphyry's comment; it was a copy of a rare edition, and was richly bound.

    That copy and pattern will be laid to your heart and transferred there.

    As to Kirk-land, my copy has only kirk-yard, till the last verse, where land has been added from conjecture.

    He wished the privilege to copy it, which brother Joseph granted.

Word Origin & History of - copy

    Word Origin & History

    copy early 14c., from O.Fr. copie, from M.L. copia "reproduction, transcript," from L. copia "plenty, means" (see copious). Originally "written transcript," sense extended 15c. to any specimen of writing (especially MS for a printer) and any reproduction or imitation. The verb, in the figurative sense of "to imitate" is attested from 1640s.