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Word Example of - copyist

    Example Sentences for copyist

    The work of the copyist commands their whole attention; they take no interest in the original picture.

    Finally, you remember that I undertook to find that copyist?

    A printer is a transcriber or copyist, with the only difference that he uses type instead of a pen.

    I will not be a copyist; I will be a genius—will be cleverer than you all put together.

    His German copyist has not been equally successful in operating that union.

    In earlier times it was the copyist who made the mistakes and bore the blame.

    The formula of attestation is very curious and may have been distorted either by the original scribe or the copyist.

    I have looked over what you have done, and can warmly recommend you as a copyist.

    In the Report as printed by the Senate this clause was omitted by a mistake of the copyist.

    Without doubt the date 1593 is a copyist's mistake for 1598.

Word Origin & History of - copyist

    Word Origin & History of copyist

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