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The Synonym of - coquette (noun)

Word Example of - coquette

    Example Sentences for coquette

    Therefore it is not surprising to find little relief from the tragic note in "The Coquette."

    Anglique could coquette in half-meanings with any lady of honor at Court.

    Mr. Jessop was the owner of the Molly, twenty rater, and Coquette, half rater.

    Some one said the other day that Shakspeare had never drawn a coquette.

    A charming, clever, witty woman always does—especially if she is a little of a coquette.

    She never was a coquette; but what is a girl so endowed to do?

    Distress of the coquette at the first appearance of wrinkles.

    Men call me a coquette, because they are vain enough to think I care for them.

    The little baroness wasn't twenty, and she was a coquette to the core.

    Her vanity remained, even to old age, the vanity of a coquette in her teens.

Word Origin & History of - coquette

    Word Origin & History

    coquette 1660s, from Fr. fem. of coquet (male) "flirt" (see coquet).

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