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Word Example of - cord

    Example Sentences for cord

    The upper branch of the collecting tube is formed as an outgrowth from this cord.

    Then he tied a cord round the neck of each sack and sealed it.

    He wore the black cassock of the Recollets, the waist girded by a cord from which was suspended a cross and a book of devotions.

    "The cord is slender, but there may be an enchantment in it," Fenrir said.

    Ten bushels of quick lime, slaked with water or salt-brine previous to use, is enough for a cord of muck.

    When mounting his carriage he stood straight and grasped the cord.

    He had paid out nearly two miles of cord, when the top kite, a little two-footer, stood straight over the spar buoy in Newark Bay.

    He tried again and he tried again and not one cord could he loosen from another.

    The cord was cut and the body came lumbering to the earth a heavy and insensible mass.

    But when I pull the cord again, lose no time in drawing the basket up.'

Word Origin & History of - cord

    Word Origin & History

    cord c.1300, from O.Fr. corde, from L. chorda "string, gut," from Gk. khorde "string, catgut, chord, cord," from PIE base *gher- "intestine." As a measure of wood (eight feet long, four feet high and wide) first recorded 1610s, so called because it was measured with a cord of rope.

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