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Word Example of - core

    Example Sentences for core

    Maybe they wa'n't all hundreds clear to the core, but that's what was on the outside.

    Only the landscape was distinctly not Italian, but South Jersey to the core.

    Core large, tart apples and fill the cavities with the figs.

    He should preserve his quick from being searched and his core from being probed.

    The shaft is then placed between two centers to determine whether the core is approximately balanced and runs true.

    He is, by his birth, scholar and gentleman to the heart's core.

    The far from infinitesimal sense of self-importance of the said community was wounded to the core.

    Yes, with the core of it left out,—the loss to you and to the Regiment.

    But the Master leaned forward, spreading his delicate fingers to the warmth and, between them, gazing into the core of the blaze.

    All day they clamber up and down its core like insects in a giant tree.

Word Origin & History of - core

    Word Origin & History

    core late 14c., probably from O.Fr. coeur "core of fruit, heart of lettuce," lit. "heart," from L. cor "heart," from PIE base *kerd- "heart" (see heart).

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