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Word Example of - corner

    Example Sentences for corner

    Bristow, stationed near the corner by the door, could see their faces.

    The monk pulled off his mask and flung his robe in the corner.

    Anstice threw himself back into his corner and drew a long breath.

    The saloonkeeper made a long-armed reach for a gun that stood in the corner.

    Dunham found a flight of steps in a corner, and climbed it, Sylvia following.

    In one corner, obviously having a poor time, was Leofwin Balch.

    Archie began to overhaul his traps, which had been piled in one corner of the cabin.

    On one corner of the sail I found a block, which had been used for the sheet.

    When Parley-voo saw the nurse, he ran into a corner, and hid his face.

    With a moan of horror Deborah dropped the head and ran to the trap-door in the corner.

Word Origin & History of - corner

    Word Origin & History

    corner late 13c., from O.Fr. corniere, from corne "horn, corner," from V.L. *corna, from L. cornua, pl. of cornu "projecting point, end, horn" (see horn). Replaced O.E. hyrne. To corner (v.) "turn a corner," as in a race, is 1860s; meaning "drive (someone) into a corner" is Amer.Eng. 1824. Commercial sense is from 1836.

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