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Word Example of - corollary

    Example Sentences for corollary

    It became orthodox common law that liability was a corollary of fault.

    For she had forgotten that a proposition is generally provided with a corollary.

    This leads to the corollary concerning the lateral area of the frustum of a regular pyramid.

    The old man was wealthy, and a miser, each of which characteristics may be corollary to the other.

    True, they had built labourers' cottages, but that was a corollary of Land Purchase.

    The Captain acceded to my postulate, and accepted my friend as a corollary.

    It was also a corollary of the theory of the balance of power which Jefferson always kept in mind.

    They deem it simply a corollary, and consequence, of the other.

    As a corollary to this statement, mental excitement, of whatever kind, has a marked influence on the pressure.

    I waited for the corollary, “and been loved in return,” but it did not come.

Word Origin & History of - corollary

    Word Origin & History

    corollary late 14c., from L.L. corollarium "a deduction, consequence," from L. corollarium, originally "money paid for a garland," hence "gift, gratuity, something extra," from corolla "small garland," dim. of corona "crown."

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