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Word Example of - corporation

    Example Sentences for corporation

    If my bride is to become a corporation with limited liability, somebody else can go in ahead of me.

    We handle most of the corporation meetings that way when it's all cut and dried.

    They will not drag such miscreants in their rear, now that they form a corporation with charters and statutes publicly decreed.

    The expense of managing this corporation exceeded its revenue.

    At that time the ground was really an open field; and it seems to have been acquired by the Corporation in the sixteenth century.

    The company now exists as a corporation for the merchandise of furs.

    In 1801 the corporation of Georgetown was concerning itself a good deal with the paving of the streets.

    But the Aldermen and the other officers of the corporation were in their places.

    To determine the validity of the claims made for Spirocide, the Corporation was asked to present the evidence which it offered.

    First of all, the Corporation had to find food—therefore work.

Word Origin & History of - corporation

    Word Origin & History

    corporation 1530s, "persons united in a body for some purpose," from such use in Anglo-Latin, from L. corporationem, noun of action from corporare "to embody" (see corporate). Meaning "legally authorized entity" (including municipal governments and modern business companies) is from 1610s.

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