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Word Example of - corpuscle

    Example Sentences for corpuscle

    The question of the nature and physical meaning of a corpuscle or electron remains for consideration.

    The soldier, or so to say, the corpuscle, separating at the command "Break ranks!"

    Townsend has shown that we can deduce from the values of α the mean free path of a corpuscle.

    The body is, as a rule, situated near the edge of the corpuscle.

    Their sphere of bodily manifestation must be a host, each individual unit in that host a corpuscle in the whole.

    The parasite is not more than three-quarters the length of the corpuscle.

    The picture above shows how a corpuscle looks under the microscope.

    Every corpuscle in his swarthy, rugged body was aflame, his face fiendishly illuminated.

    Let us see about this latest theory—the Corpuscle or Electron Theory.

    This energy is proportional to Xeλ when X is the electric force, e the charge on the corpuscle, and λ the mean free path.

Word Origin & History of - corpuscle

    Word Origin & History

    corpuscle 1660, from L. corpusculum, dim. of corpus "body" (see corporeal). Originally "any small particle;" first applied to blood cells 1845.

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