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What is a better word for correct? What's another word for correct? What are 5 "correct synonyms"? How can I replace the word correct? What is the meaning of correct in English?

Word Example of - correct

    Example Sentences for correct

    Even if your suspicions are correct—and you scarcely know what you suspect, do you?

    In that case I will relate all that I have learned, and perhaps you will correct me if I am wrong.

    Which is a correct verdict, as to the romantic appetites and it.

    Correct knowledge of both is required to get the advantages 9and escape the injuries.

    If the dough should be sour, knead in a little soda, which will correct it—Mrs.A.C.

    Which of the great premises is correct it would be impossible to say.

    Can any of your readers inform me whether this statement is correct?

    It is an elaborate text-book of correct conduct in all affairs of life.

    They had put it down to modesty, yet the words might have been correct.

    The mores aim always to arrive at correct notions of virtue.

Word Origin & History of - correct

    Word Origin & History

    correct mid-14c., "to set right, rectify" (a fault or error), from L. correctus, pp. of corrigere "to put straight, reduce to order, set right;" in transf. use, "to reform, amend," esp. of speech or writing, from com- intens. prefix + regere "to lead straight, rule" (see regal). Originally of persons; with ref. to writing, etc., attested from late 14c. The pp. adj. is recorded from mid-15c.