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Word Example of - correction

    Example Sentences for correction

    These are exterior disturbances, which make up a tenth kind of correction to add to the motion of our celestial barque.

    It is not to be inferred that reform and correction are hopeless.

    The mistake of the printer, seen upon the plate, was discovered too late for correction.

    On the other hand, the correction is so easy that the child makes it himself.

    The writer prefers the more romantic explanation, but is open to correction.

    Table 20A in Bowditch gives the correction for mean refraction.

    I would make the Church triumph in the correction of every mental error in the country, and noble would be that triumph!

    In the higher altitudes, select the correction for the nearest degree.

    Although this can be determined and allowed for, the correction required is in most cases too large to be satisfactory.

    “My name is still Miss Lee,” she told him mildly, by way of correction.

Word Origin & History of - correction

    Word Origin & History

    correction mid-14c., "action of correcting," from Fr. correction, from L. correctionem, noun of action from pp. stem of corrigere (see correct). Meaning "chastizement" is from late 14c. Meaning "an instance of correction" is from 1520s. House of correction was in a royal statute from 1575.

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