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What is a better word for correctly? What's another word for correctly? What are 5 "correctly synonyms"? How can I replace the word correctly? What is the meaning of correctly in English?

Word Example of - correctly

    Example Sentences for correctly

    The three points specified in that letter, giving your recollection of the conversation, are correctly stated.

    And Delecresse said it was correctly translated, for I asked him afterwards.

    The difficulty is greater in getting rough boys to use this part of the vocal score correctly.

    "He wants to talk with you," replied Fanny, correctly interpreting his gestures.

    If I am neglecting my lawful opportunities, if I am failing to see wisely and correctly, I shall be grateful for counsel.

    The latitude of the sandbanks was correctly fixed at 68° 48'.

    Dupaix describes it correctly in saying it represents a person apparently “absorbed in devotion”—a worshiper, and not a goddess.

    The druggist compounded them correctly according to the prescription.

    If it has been a strong, healthy child it has a very good chance if treated energetically and correctly.

    A prize may be awarded to the one who correctly answers the questions first.

Word Origin & History of - correctly

    Word Origin & History

    correct mid-14c., "to set right, rectify" (a fault or error), from L. correctus, pp. of corrigere "to put straight, reduce to order, set right;" in transf. use, "to reform, amend," esp. of speech or writing, from com- intens. prefix + regere "to lead straight, rule" (see regal). Originally of persons; with ref. to writing, etc., attested from late 14c. The pp. adj. is recorded from mid-15c.