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Word Example of - correlate

    Example Sentences for correlate

    That is why the study of the parental instinct, its correlate or source, is as important and serious as any that can be imagined.

    It is a mere chaos of facts, and they cannot explain or correlate them.

    In regard to Relata, the inference holds from the correlate of the subject to the correlate of the predicate.

    We're going to have to correlate our work so that we'll know what we're doing.

    These are the men that providence can use to correlate the nations into essential democracy.

    We have now to correlate the times in the different biographies.

    You can correlate this work with geography by giving the distribution or range of the different kinds of trees.

    It is not in man to correlate plainness with a mystic attraction.

    Would it not be economy of energy to correlate the two together?

    Correlate this ranking with standing in the high school classes.

Word Origin & History of - correlate

    Word Origin & History

    correlate 1640s, perhaps a back-formation from correlation. As a verb, attested from 1742. Related: Correlated (1859); correlating (1865); correlative (1530).

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