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Word Example of - correlation

    Example Sentences for correlation

    Flowers were evolved in correlation with insect pollination.

    The "correlation of their entire lives" was, therefore, very imperfect.

    We have now already in the history of the world one successful experiment in the correlation of human endeavour.

    The correlation with the synodic rotation of the Sun was practically perfect.

    In order to express such relationship in a single figure the coefficient or correlation is used.

    There is, therefore, a point of correlation where the one is converted into the other.

    But all that we are warranted in saying is that, in this case, the manner of correlation of touch and sight is unusual.

    The correlation of mind and brain do not involve their identity.

    But soon vital force also yielded to the general law of correlation of natural forces.

    From correlation of instincts, he now entered the age of stone.

Word Origin & History of - correlation

    Word Origin & History

    correlation 1561, from M.Fr. corrélation, from com- "together" + relation (see relation).

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