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Word Example of - correlative

    Example Sentences for correlative

    There are a thousand correlative facts in the state of society in our country which confirm our assertion.

    It is correlative to chastity and decency, but covers a far wider field.

    Scend, send, n. the upward angular displacement of a vessel—opposed to Pitch, the correlative downward movement.

    Two questions in chief, correlative, occupy them: “Who killed Clancy?”

    All relatives, then, if properly defined, have a correlative.

    The word gentleman has not any correlative abstract to express the quality.

    Correlative to the non-existence of the atom is the non-existence of the vacuum.

    The second half deals with the correlative inquiry, "Who is the King of Glory?"

    The term, Philosophy, defines itself as an affectionate seeking after the truth; but Truth is the correlative of Being.

    It is not given us with the luminous clearness that its correlative is given.

Word Origin & History of - correlative

    Word Origin & History of - correlative

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