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Word Example of - correspondence

    Example Sentences for correspondence

    The selections from his correspondence which follow illustrate these changes in him.

    Perhaps we see him most characteristically in his correspondence with Turgot.

    This correspondence is not so interesting as it might have been expected to prove.

    At the adjourned meeting, in May following, this committee made an elaborate report, recommending a committee of correspondence.

    Marshall, at best, was incredibly negligent of his correspondence as he was of all other ordinary details of life.

    Rose too had a correspondence, a constant source of delight to her.

    All papers and correspondence referring to the same case should be kept together.

    I got in correspondence with him through the Consul in Calcutta.

    He led an even more cloistered life here than at Saché, interrupting all correspondence excepting business letters to his mother.

    Copies of this correspondence will be sent to members of your Committee.

Word Origin & History of - correspondence

    Word Origin & History

    correspondence early 15c., "harmony, agreement," from M.L. correspondentia, from correspondentem, prp. of correspondere "correspond," from com- "together" + respondere "to answer" (see respond). Sense of "communication by letters" is first attested 1640s.

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