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Word Example of - correspondent

    Example Sentences for correspondent

    This book would be regarded by my correspondent as he regards my "Memoirs," and its publication has been interdicted in England.

    "I could tell you were a correspondent by your appetite," said Grahame.

    He was made a member of the Institute of France, and nominated a correspondent in the class of the fine arts, in the year 1810.

    How do you know that this person's correspondent was Arsène Lupin?

    What is the difference between a correspondent and a corespondent?

    At any rate, it required him to go at once to the city where his correspondent resided.

    Your correspondent observes also: "What Mr. Hallam calls an 'edition,' was the first publication."

    The correspondent of our contemporary shall speak for himself.

    A correspondent informs me that one hundred and fifty Welsh Sheep were, on the 18th of October, offered for 4s.

    Your correspondent is correct in stating that the Barretts were from Cork.

Word Origin & History of - correspondent

    Word Origin & History

    correspondent mid-15c., adj., "having an analogous relationship" (to), a sense taken up since 19c. by corresponding; from M.L. correspondentem, prp. of correspondere (see correspond). Meaning "one who communicates with another by letters" is from 1620s. The noun in the newspaper sense is from 1711.

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