"corresponding Synonyms"

What is a better word for corresponding? What's another word for corresponding? What are 5 "corresponding synonyms"? How can I replace the word corresponding? What is the meaning of corresponding in English?

Word Example of - corresponding

    Example Sentences for corresponding

    A literature, corresponding to this medium, of necessity arose.

    Each line is numbered so that there are corresponding numbers on each side.

    Betteredge's present effort at corresponding with me came within this category.

    Some illustrations have been moved closer to the corresponding text.

    And there may be types of life that have no corresponding bodily expression at all, then?

    If there be an eternity on one side, there must surely be a corresponding one on the other?

    The whole South will be filled again with patriotic fervor, and in the North there will be a corresponding depression.

    In matters spiritual there was also a corresponding backwardness.

    I believe that a woman of intellectual strength has a corresponding affectional strength.

    Now corresponding to these facts are the events of Providence.

Word Origin & History of - corresponding

    Word Origin & History

    corresponding 1570s, from correspond. Not common until 19c., when it took on the adj. function of correspondent. Related: Correspondingly (1836).