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"correspondingly Synonyms"

What is a better word for correspondingly? What's another word for correspondingly? What are 5 "correspondingly synonyms"? How can I replace the word correspondingly? What is the meaning of correspondingly in English?

Word Example of - correspondingly

    Example Sentences for correspondingly

    A consolidation of these enterprises in 1969 reduced their number by half and correspondingly increased their average size.

    To denounce this is dignified, but it is also easy and most often correspondingly useless.

    Having been in great trepidation about the play, I am correspondingly elated by the belief that it really is a success.

    On the moral side, our sympathies are correspondingly wider.

    The responsibility thus placed upon the teacher is correspondingly great, and requires unusual devotion and skill.

    But if these gallants were sedulous, she was correspondingly indifferent.

    Correspondingly, the merozoites, to which they give rise, are also different (micro-and mega-merozoites).

    When one is elevated, the other is correspondingly depressed.

    But this same diversion was always at the expense of our friend the enemy, and poor Abdul was correspondingly angry.

    Correspondingly sleep may be prevented by disturbances in any one of these spheres.

Word Origin & History of - correspondingly

    Word Origin & History

    correspond 1520s, "to be in agreement, to be in harmony with," from M.L. correspondere, from cor- (see com-) "together, with each other" + respondere "to answer" (see respond). Originally in M.L. of two things in mutual action, but by later M.L. it could be used of one thing only. In English, sense of "to be similar" (to) is from 1640s; that of "to hold communication with" is from c.1600; specifically "to communicate by means of letters" from 1640s (in mid-18c. it also could mean "have sex").