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What is a better word for corroborative? What's another word for corroborative? What are 5 "corroborative synonyms"? How can I replace the word corroborative? What is the meaning of corroborative in English?

The Synonym of - corroborative (adjective)

Word Example of - corroborative

    Example Sentences for corroborative

    Corroborative observations on endogenous formation were also given by his brother, Harry Goodsir, in 1845.

    Presently he saw that some corroborative evidence might exist.

    Corroborative evidence is also furnished by the lately-published muster-rolls of New York regiments during the Revolution.

    That the body was found without weight is also corroborative of the idea.

    These figures are corroborative of the preceding conclusions.

    That was another and corroborative sign, clearer to him than printed capitals.

    Stahl was asked if Josephine Weir, who had signed a corroborative affidavit, knew of his whereabouts during his hiding.

    Is there any corroborative evidence that such a register existed?

    Moreover, I can quote the opinion of the writer on criminology—Josiah Flynt—as corroborative of my statements.

    Valueless as direct evidence, it might prove of great value as corroborative.

Word Origin & History of - corroborative

    Word Origin & History

    corroborate early 16c., "to give (legal) confirmation to," from L. corroborat-, pp. stem of corroborare "to strengthen, invigorate," from cor- (see com-) "together" (perhaps here intens.) + roborare "to make strong," from robur, robus "strength," (see robust). Meaning "to strengthen by evidence, to confirm" is from 1706. Sometimes in early use the word also has its literal Latin sense, especially of medicines. Related: Corroborated (1822); corroborating (1520s); corroborative (1580s).