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Word Example of - corrode

    Example Sentences for corrode

    One of the greatest advantages of aluminum is that it will not rust or corrode under ordinary conditions.

    Salt solutions, such as sea water, corrode the metal rapidly.

    Avoid what is called good living: it is madness to allow the pleasures of the table to corrupt and corrode the human body.

    So tallow and the like should not be placed where they can corrode iron or steel.

    Such a mixture would, in all probability, corrode sheet-iron.

    This neutralized flux will not corrode metal as will the ordinary acid.

    The acid is not allowed to corrode the tooth, and the diminution of the length may possibly in some degree benefit the animal.

    The working surfaces require to be of brass, so that they will not corrode.

    That yellow green chlorine will corrode the lungs and fill them with pus and blood.

    A good one with a long plasteel blade that would not chip or corrode like hers.

Word Origin & History of - corrode

    Word Origin & History

    corrode c.1400, from O.Fr. corroder, from L. corrodere "to gnaw to bits," from com- intensive prefix + rodere "to gnaw" (see rodent).

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