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Word Example of - corrosion

    Example Sentences for corrosion

    The concrete not only affords much of the strength to resist compression, but effectively protects the steel from corrosion.

    Corrosion may be removed by washing the part in a solution of baking soda.

    In excellent condition throughout, with a smooth surface and showing no corrosion.

    The valve was not easy to turn; it seemed fixed with the corrosion of ages.

    The resistance to corrosion evidently fits this metal for railway sleepers to take the place of the decaying wooden ties.

    It must have been new when this world froze, for there was no sign of corrosion or oxidation.

    It is most natural to expect that there must have been corrosion under the bottom to cause the first rent.

    Long after the Colorado began its work of corrosion there was a mighty upheaval.

    The medicines had also vanished, and the zinc pots in which they had been snugly packed up were destroyed by corrosion.

    This corrosion was supposed to have been going on for about three years.

Word Origin & History of - corrosion

    Word Origin & History

    corrosion c.1400, from O.Fr. corrosion, from L. corrosionem, noun of action from corrodere (see corrode).

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