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Word Example of - corrupt

    Example Sentences for corrupt

    But even apart from the possibility of a corrupt boss there is still a wide gap between the collective and the socialized agency.

    Efficiency there under our corrupt system is, I fear, hopeless.

    To the self-consecrated guardians of the Constitution this was as corrupt as offers of largesses to plebeians at Rome.

    So said the aged John to some amongst his hearers in these corrupt Asiatic cities.

    To 'correct' was in this and such like cases simply to 'corrupt.'

    It is thus a party of the people, by the people and for the people, which bosses cannot corrupt or betray.

    And the degraded society, like the robe which once covered the living body, but is afterwards cast off, is faded and corrupt.

    The corrupt man has no soundness, no solidity, no unity in his life.

    I consider such little companies, or individuals, as a little leaven working silently in a corrupt mass.

    The splendor of his position had not power to dazzle or corrupt him.

Word Origin & History of - corrupt

    Word Origin & History

    corrupt c.1300, from L. corruptus, pp. of corrumpere "to destroy, spoil, bribe," from com- intens. prefix + rup-, pp. stem of rumpere "to break" (see rupture).

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