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Word Example of - cosmic

    Example Sentences for cosmic

    When they cool, what will our historic likeness be as revealed in the lightnings of this cosmic emergency?

    He hides behind facts the "Word" which is in the Cosmic Spirit.

    That we are intimately at one with Nature is a cosmic truth we are all slowly approaching.

    Footnote 65: Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy, part ii., chaps.

    Life is a delicate and fragile thing when compared to cosmic extremes of temperature and environment in our universe.

    The cosmic process is conceived there as necessary and impersonal.

    With Plotinos the idea of "procession" is not only cosmic but psychological.

    Now, our process is only an adaptation of these cosmic rays.

    This point of meeting of the two equal portions of cosmic matter may be called the plane of attraction in the pyramid.

    Of course, if it is coming from outside the stratosphere as the cosmic rays do, there is no hope.

Word Origin & History of - cosmic

    Word Origin & History

    cosmic 1640s; see cosmos. Originally "of this world;" sense of "of the universe" is from 1874.

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