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The Synonym of - cosset (verb)

Word Example of - cosset

    Example Sentences for cosset

    The last time I was over there the cosset lamb came into the kitchen to ask for milk.

    Well would the King, to save his soul, placate and cosset his wife.

    Miss Matilda looked miserably ill; and I prepared to comfort and cosset her.

    So you may, and I will feed you as if you were my cosset lamb.

    But Nature is no sentimentalist—does not cosset or pamper us.

    Let the new bourgeois tyrants cuddle and cosset the serpent that shall bite them, as did the salon ladies of the old regime.

    "Here, open your mouth, Cosset," he said to the lamb that he still held.

    At the time appointed, Cosset and his followers seized the gates of Meaux.

    I will cosset her up a little when I get to the country, and make a fuss over her.

    Dat ar boy trains roun arter his mudder like a cosset, he does.

Word Origin & History of - cosset

    Word Origin & History

    cosset 1659, "to fondle, caress, indulge," from a noun (1579) meaning "lamb brought up as a pet" (applied to persons from 1596), perhaps from O.E. cot-sæta "one who dwells in a cot."