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What is a better word for coterminous? What's another word for coterminous? What are 5 "coterminous synonyms"? How can I replace the word coterminous? What is the meaning of coterminous in English?

Word Example of - coterminous

    Example Sentences for coterminous

    But this time Ive fixed it up for him and his leave is coterminous with mine.

    The parishes in these counties were ordered to be coterminous with the bounds of the counties.

    That is the third stage, and it is coterminous with life, Tom.

    This was subdivided into "realms" coterminous with the boundaries of States.

    Conventions for the mutual surrender of large offenders, where dominions are coterminous, might be proper.

    But Huckley's sheet was only coterminous with the use of type among mankind.

    The parish, coterminous with the county and created at the same time, also honored the Duke, being called Russell.

    The outermost lines are coterminous with those of the great race which is called Indo-Germanic.

    Its southern line is coterminous with the southern edge of the Triassic formation.

    But neither their kingdoms nor their Empires were coterminous, though their capitals were identical, namely, Rome and Aachen.

Word Origin & History of - coterminous

    Word Origin & History

    coterminous 1630s, malformed in English from co- + terminous. Latin purists prefer conterminous.