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What is a better word for counsel? What's another word for counsel? What are 5 "counsel synonyms"? How can I replace the word counsel? What is the meaning of counsel in English?

Word Example of - counsel

    Example Sentences for counsel

    Your own fears, and not mine, counsel you to such a proceeding.

    This is my plea, on this I rest my cause— What saith my counsel, learned in the laws?

    Counsel forgets, he declared, that this is his own witness whom he appears to be cross-examining.

    Mrs. Bethune, the first witness, was then examined by her counsel.

    I did not follow the counsel of my grandmamma with the four g's in having an eye to my own safety.

    The plaintiff's counsel put cases which have been often repeated.

    But why does Machiavel counsel us to have recourse to God, and Rousseau to the gods, to the immortals?

    I will gladly give you counsel and advice, but more I cannot do.

    Jack had not forgotten the lessons he had received at home, nor the counsel given him by Admiral Triton.

    He kept his own counsel as to what he proposed to do with the steamer.

Word Origin & History of - counsel

    Word Origin & History

    counsel early 13c., from O.Fr. counseil, from L. consilium "plan, opinion" (see consultation). As a synonym for "lawyer," first attested late 14c. Counseling "giving professional advice on social or psychological problems" dates from 1940.