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What is a better word for counselor? What's another word for counselor? What are 5 "counselor synonyms"? How can I replace the word counselor? What is the meaning of counselor in English?

Word Example of - counselor

    Example Sentences for counselor

    Jack—Motion in arrest of judgment, made by Counselor Puzzle.

    In 1827 he was admitted as counselor of the Supreme Court of the State.

    However, it was soon ascertained that the ambassador was conferring with Counselor Lansing.

    Then he instructed his counselor, Gianluca Pozzi, to answer the Emperor's letter.

    It is to alert the placement worker of where the counselor finds his greatest potential to be through the testing.

    Mr. Counselor Lynch, we take it you represent the defendants?

    He snatched up the startled girls' counselor and improvised a little rumba.

    You should not hesitate to ask a counselor questions that reflect your concerns.

    Daniel was not a student, while Ezekiel was; and as a counselor Ezekiel was the safer man.

    Could he only be her brother—her counselor—but no—her path in life must be solitary.

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    Word Origin & History

    counselor see counsellor.