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Word Example of - count-out

    Example Sentences for count

    Count we no time lost time which lags thro' respect to the Gods!

    When I had shown these things to the captain, I proceeded to count the money.

    The Count, it appeared, was a monster of jealousy—he had led her a dreadful life.

    "Nineteen hundred and ninety," I added, when I had finished the count.

    This is Count Rostov, squadron commander, and I am your humble servant.

    He opened the bags, spilling their contents out on the boards, and checked their count.

    There was always the chance that Miss Heritage might count them!

    Then he sent for the count and ordered him to bring the girl with him.

    Practical 199 considerations do not count with him when they antagonise his ideals.

    The Count Salvi died before I knew her—a couple of years after their marriage.

Word Origin & History of - count-out

    Word Origin & History

    count mid-14c., from O.Fr. conter "add up," but also "tell a story," from L. computare (see compute).

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