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Word Example of - countenance

    Example Sentences for countenance

    His countenance was ruddy, and he had a small black moustache.

    There was a dark expression in her countenance, but the traces of irritability were gone.

    Elizabeth started, and her countenance became pale as death.

    Our haste and imprudence would go to countenance the scandal she spreads.

    But, just with the first peep of day, I got a glimpse of his countenance.

    The Gorgon stares you out of countenance, and that suffices.

    There was a sad expression on his countenance as I said this.

    With all his Oriental phlegm the man could not keep his countenance.

    Their visitor's manner was that of a gentleman; his countenance and conversation were those of a man of intellect.

    Scrooge's countenance fell almost as low as the Ghost's had done.

Word Origin & History of - countenance

    Word Origin & History

    countenance mid-13c., from O.Fr. countenance "demeanor, bearing, conduct," from L. continentia "restraint," lit. "way one contains oneself," from continere (see contain). Meaning evolving M.E. from "appearance" to "facial expression betraying a state of mind," to "face" itself (late 14c.). The verb "to favor, patronize" is from 1560s, from notion of "to look upon with sanction or smiles."