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The Synonym of - countermand (verb)

Word Example of - countermand

    Example Sentences for countermand

    I told thee my reasons for not going in search of a letter of countermand.

    Marshall and Bradford yielded, and consented to countermand the order of rendezvous.

    The Parliament had assembled, and I went to a door of the palace, where I was informed of the countermand which had just arrived.

    Fears of a countermand were said to have hastened their departure.

    Countermand your carriage—that is, if you are going to drive.

    A wretched sort of love that, which one can order or countermand at will!

    The news reached Warwick too late for him to countermand the messages he had sent to his friends on the king's behalf.

    Surely you don't wish me to countermand any order of yours to a servant?

    Washington received them courteously, but did not consent to countermand the march.

    Then you think I should countermand my orders about the Angevins?

Word Origin & History of - countermand

    Word Origin & History

    countermand 1430, from M.Fr. contremander "reverse an order or command," from contre- "against" + mander, from L. mandare "to order" (see mandate).

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