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Word Example of - counterpart

    Example Sentences for counterpart

    If he, in sweetness of disposition, were to prove the counterpart of herself, what more could woman ask?

    They have no counterpart in any other section of the country.

    The American counterpart of Egypt in this physical condition is Peru, the coast of which is also a rainless district.

    The play of Spring in nature is the counterpart of the play of Youth in our lives.

    If there be such a thing as a yellow wolf, here was its counterpart.

    Why then are not human laws a counterpart of these divine decrees?

    You will find the counterpart of that dream in the morning paper, I remarked seriously.

    Erling was the counterpart of his father, only a trifle taller and stouter.

    My daughter is sending down a counterpart of her own wedding-dress for your bride of the Mardi-Gras.'

    The three-legged crow in the sun is the counterpart of the three-legged ram-toad in the moon.

Word Origin & History of - counterpart

    Word Origin & History

    counterpart 1451, originally countre part "duplicate of a legal document," from O.Fr. contrepartie, from contre "facing, opposite" + partie "copy of a person or thing," originally fem. pp. of partir "to divide" (see party).

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