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Word Example of - coup

    Example Sentences for coup

    Later events have made such an explanation seem less persuasive, after the coup d'état at Sian in December, 1936.

    He admitted that Malcolmson's coup was exceedingly well conceived.

    Urūj had made his first coup, and he did not hesitate to follow it up.

    "My mother says your mother's coup, is n't half so stylish as ours," put in Alice.

    To-morrow night I will finish this wrestle with my own folly; I will give the coup de grce to my imagination.

    To know that he was the only one who had made a coup, it was not necessary for him to look up.

    Her sweetness to the two sons of the poet was as marked as the haughtiness of her manner towards the victims of the Coup dtat.

    The party of Texans has made what prairie men call a “coup.”

    This coup could indeed have been effected by a small British force.

    The old monkey had realized that the time had come to try that coup, and he tried it.

Word Origin & History of - coup

    Word Origin & History

    coup c.1400, from O.Fr. colp "to cut, strike," from M.L. colpus, from V.L. colapus, from L. colaphus "a cuff, box on the ear," from Gk. kolaphos "a blow, slap."

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