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Word Example of - court

    Example Sentences for court

    They had too much tact at Court to recall a man of his name.

    I went to the clerk of the court and paid Captain Boomsby's fine.

    At Copenhagen, where they called at the court, they created quite a sensation.

    "He left his home a week before the case came into court and has not been seen since," he said.

    Indeed, how could she apprise him of events which were now the talk of the court?

    The virtues were just the ones which the Roman court did not show.

    If you strike me to-morrow in court, then you will open your eyes.

    The window on the side toward the court was closed and curtained.

    The school is strictly a court of the Temple, a porch outside the Sanctuary.

    He went along the corridors, and ended by meeting the father in the court.

Word Origin & History of - court

    Word Origin & History of court

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