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Word Example of - courtly

    Example Sentences for courtly

    He thanked the courtly soldier, and walked proudly forward, followed by his brother.

    There was nothing suave in the colonel's manner, nothing slow or ponderous or courtly.

    When you politely decline these, the courtly one most likely says, "You no likee tea and seeds—then have whiskysoda."

    Then giving his guide a dime, he dismissed him with a courtly bow, and knocked.

    He raised the hand she gave him to his lips and kissed it in a courtly fashion.

    He made me a bow so courtly that the feather in his laced hat swept the ground.

    Mrs Swann was about to invade her courtly and luxurious house, uninvited, unauthorized, with a couple of hot potatoes in her muff.

    A murmur of courtly incredulity rose from the group of courtiers.

    Then, with a courtly, long-discarded sweep of his right arm, he saluted.

    Marjorie courtesied gracefully to his courtly acknowledgment.

Word Origin & History of - courtly

    Word Origin & History

    courtly c.1450, "having manners befitting a court," from court + -ly. Meaning "pertaining to the court" is from late 15c. Courtly love "highly conventionalized medieval chivalric love" (amour courtois) is attested from 1896