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Word Example of - cover

    Example Sentences for cover

    How would it be if we were to lay him in that little hollow and cover him with big stones?

    It was a great vision, fit to cover the yearnings of the world.

    He might see them and could force them to cover with his rifle even at long range.

    She touched the chair, the table; she lifted the cover of one of the dishes.

    What possible, probable story can man invent to cover a case so cruel as this?

    Folkways correspond to it to cover both the inner and the outer relation.

    There are enough sacks here to lay under us and cover us too.

    Mohammedan women, if surprised when bathing, cover first the face.

    Cookie often said that a fire was the most exciting thing a reporter could be sent to cover.

    With the black coffin and with the black slabs I have come to cover you.

Word Origin & History of - cover

    Word Origin & History

    cover c.1150, from O.Fr. covrir, from L.L. coperire, from L. cooperire "to cover over," from com- intens. prefix + operire "to close, cover" (see weir). Military sense is from 1687; newspaper sense first recorded 1893; use in football dates from 1907. Betting sense is 1857. As a euphemism for "copulation of horses" it dates from 1535. Meaning "recording of a song already recorded by another" is 1966. Cover-up is from 1927. Cover girl is U.S. slang from 1915, shortening of magazine-cover girl.

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