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The Synonym of - covering (noun)

Word Example of - covering

    Example Sentences for covering

    There were other documents besides the covering letter which they read very carefully.

    Decency has to do with the covering of the body and with the concealment of bodily functions.

    Such a covering would not stand a strong wind, but the cabin was well sheltered.

    "Well, let me see," said aunt Madge, covering her eyes with her fingers.

    The next moment he was kneeling by the bedside, his face buried in the covering, which shook from the strong emotion it concealed.

    There was also a large seal-skin, perhaps to form a covering to a hut on shore.

    About five yards of chintz will be required for the covering; or you might use the merino of an old dress.

    The general caught it on the back of his left hand, covering it with his right.

    This covering greatly magnifies the actual bulk of the latter animal.

    They took his scalp, threw the body into a ditch, covering it with a few leaves, and fled.

Word Origin & History of - covering

    Word Origin & History

    cover c.1150, from O.Fr. covrir, from L.L. coperire, from L. cooperire "to cover over," from com- intens. prefix + operire "to close, cover" (see weir). Military sense is from 1687; newspaper sense first recorded 1893; use in football dates from 1907. Betting sense is 1857. As a euphemism for "copulation of horses" it dates from 1535. Meaning "recording of a song already recorded by another" is 1966. Cover-up is from 1927. Cover girl is U.S. slang from 1915, shortening of magazine-cover girl.

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