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Word Example of - cowering

    Example Sentences for cowering

    Little Black Fox pointed scornfully at the cowering white man.

    They found, cowering in one of the wigwams, a woman who had been struck by a bullet in the neck, and who was dying.

    Cowering is correlated with opening of the eyes, as the young bird that begged had its eyes only partly open.

    Every trace of manhood had vanished from the negro's cowering frame.

    The cowering maids and eunuchs stared at her dishevelled hair and dress, but hardly knew that she had been gone.

    It was he now who occupied the place of the mighty, and she the one who felt like cowering.

    Grisell was cowering among her pillows, and no one knew how much she heard or understood.

    Did it divert that white-faced woman, cowering in a corner, listening as in a dream?

    Clinton's paroxysm was over, and sinking to the floor he lay there shivering and cowering.

    "Nay, it is from the desert," the driver answered, cowering in his saddle.

Word Origin & History of - cowering

    Word Origin & History

    cower c.1300, probably from M.L.G. *kuren "lie in wait," or similar Scand. words meaning "to squat" and "to doze." Thus unrelated to coward.

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