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Word Example of - cozen

    Example Sentences for cozen

    May 4th, Mr. Carpio browght me word of my Lords displeasure, conveyed and confirmed by cozen Pully his letters.

    But they cannot cozen it: they can only cozen their neighbours.

    Which being done I took leave and supped at my father's, where was my cozen Beck come lately out of the country.

    The archaic verb to cozen is a metaphor of quite another kind.

    Up and there comes my she cozen Angier, of Cambridge, to me to speak about her son.

    It is the same with cousin (consanguineus), and to cozen or to deceive.

    You thought to cozen that poor, harmless old man out of his property—out of me.

    He had come to cozen me into letting him use me in return for a mockery of an honor.

    Yorkshire, to Yorkshire, or come Yorkshire over any person, to cheat or cozen him.

    This day I sent my cozen Roger a tierce of claret, which I give him.

Word Origin & History of - cozen

    Word Origin & History

    cozen 1561, perhaps from Fr. cousiner "cheat on pretext of being a cousin;" or from M.E. cosyn "fraud, trickery" (1453), perhaps related to O.Fr. coçon "dealer," from L. cocionem "horse dealer."

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