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The Synonym of - crackerjack (noun)

Word Example of - crackerjack

    Example Sentences for crackerjack

    If that Mornsby deal had only gone through, wed have had a crackerjack, said Jim regretfully.

    "I am not aiming to be a crackerjack like you," grinned Dick.

    Pasinsky was Rothman's senior drummer and was generally acknowledged a crackerjack.

    "You'd be a crackerjack to talk to the old ladies," Lessing generously praised him.

    I said I didnt know much about him, except that he came from Stanford University, where he was a crackerjack on the gridiron.

    Guess we deserve it, too, for we're on the way to bein' the crackerjack section of them all.

    We've been good friends all my life, and he's such a crackerjack old fellow.

    It makes a crackerjack market for me in the cattle business.

    This innocent question no less than the unaffected simplicity and sincerity of the questioner overpowered "Crackerjack."

    Didn't we have a crackerjack team, the fastest that ever represented old Wayne?

Word Origin & History of - crackerjack

    Word Origin & History of crackerjack

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