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Word Example of - cramming

    Example Sentences for cramming

    Say enough, then, ordered Agnes, cramming some more snow down the victims neck.

    I think it is low Thus to be stuffing and cramming your maw, Robbing the farmers!

    But if we wish to acquire and organize facts for their permanent value, cramming is not the proper procedure.

    Carefully consider your experience from cramming your lessons.

    You have no idea what cramming is necessary, now, for a young fellow to pass into the army.

    It was popularly supposed that they were cramming for an important examination.

    When the teachers or the professors give notes to be copied by the pupils and memorized, they are cramming.

    Miss Bessie was with her, and they were cramming things into a portmanteau.

    What pushing and cramming would there be to obtain a nod of recognition!

    But I was cramming his ear against the stomach of his sense.

Word Origin & History of - cramming

    Word Origin & History

    cram O.E. crammian "press something into something else," from P.Gmc. base *kram-/*krem-. Meaning "study intensely for an exam" is British student slang first recorded 1803.

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