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Word Example of - cramp

    Example Sentences for cramp

    I took hold of the burtins of the mast, and as I was lifting myself over the side, I was taken with the cramp in one of my thighs.

    The little model moved her fingers, freeing them from cramp.

    Buddhism, as practised among the Kalmucks tends to cramp all intellectual growth.

    A cramp caught from the treacherous chill of the humid soil?

    The skipper was careful not to cramp her by laying too close to the wind.

    There is not room for a flea to hop, without giving him the cramp in his legs.

    The secret power had him in its grasp: he was speedily seized with cramp in the stomach, and in a few hours died.

    The chains which cramp us most are those which weigh on us least.

    The city always seems to cramp me and make it hard for me to breathe.

    It was a case of cramp, but to get him in was not difficult, for he did not struggle.

Word Origin & History of - cramp

    Word Origin & History of cramp

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