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Word Example of - crash

    Example Sentences for crash

    Well, the crash if it does not come to-day will come to-morrow.

    I knew from the sound of the crash that she had stove a hole in her bow.

    There comes a crash like unto that the end of the world is nigh!

    There was an ominous pause, then a crash, shaking us all off our feet.

    A crash program has been underway to bring electric power to every village, even in the remotest areas.

    The next moment Mayo heard the ripping of tackle and a crash.

    Around the rocks the waters ran swiftly, and before he knew it there came a crash and his craft was stove in and upset.

    Suddenly a crash was heard, a violent blow that shook the house to its foundations.

    Then followed a crash and a flash over the place where the boys knew the capital lay in darkness and gloom.

    There came a groan, a crash, the sound of a blow; then silence.

Word Origin & History of - crash

    Word Origin & History

    crash c.1400, crasschen "break in pieces," appeared 14c. with no identifiable ancestors or relatives, and is probably onomatopoeic. Sense of "financial collapse" is 1817, "collision" is 1910, "falling airplane" is W.W.I. Computing sense is 1973, which makes it one of the earliest computer jargon words. Meaning "break into a party, etc." is 1922. Slang meaning "sleep" dates from 1943; especially from 1965.

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