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The Synonym of - crate (verb)

Word Example of - crate

    Example Sentences for crate

    The contents of each box, crate, and sack tell the familiar story once again.

    Then to the amazement of the party, a crate of pigs appeared.

    As Brad carefully swung open the door, he lifted out the crate.

    He came up, in a crate; the world must have seemed very small to him on the way.

    But they will have to live in the crate overnight, as nothing can be done about housing them now.

    But he had returned by way of Bonneville to get a crate that had come for him from San Diego.

    "They crate things well these days," Costa said unworriedly, sucking on a bottle of the famous Himmelian beer.

    There's no hurry and I want to be sure we get this crate off in one piece.

    I picked myself up, happily not the worse for my tumble, and eagerly inserted my hand into the crate.

    At first she had insisted he take the crate out to his workshop.

Word Origin & History of - crate

    Word Origin & History

    crate 1688, from L. cratis "wickerwork, lattice," or from Du. krat "basket."

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