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Word Example of - crating

    Example Sentences for crating

    "I guess we'll be crating from now till tonight without a stop," he said unhappily.

    Gathering, bundling, crating, and shipping are all to be watched carefully.

    Mother, you know very well what the crating and freight would have cost, and you sold your stuff for more than it was worth.

    She found even the wrapping of chair legs with excelsior, and the crating of bureau and tables, interesting.

    Through the transparent walls he could see the staff packing the records, crating them for shipment.

    At Wargla the explorers remained for several days, boxing and crating their specimens and antiquities.

    It can be used for crating and for partitions and other purposes in loading the car.

    Ten million feet of lumber were used, chiefly in boxing and crating, as very little wood is now used in the reaper.

    This plan would save time, and also the cost of crating and expressage if done at Tarrytown.

Word Origin & History of - crating

    Word Origin & History

    crate 1688, from L. cratis "wickerwork, lattice," or from Du. krat "basket."

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