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The Synonym of - crawling (adverb)

Word Example of - crawling

    Example Sentences for crawling

    "Oh, it was pretty windy," said Carl, crawling down and rubbing the kinks out of his arms.

    No, sir; they were crawling out from under the companion-way when I saw them.

    An armed man was crawling along the river bed, peering in all directions, and shouting out to his friends on the opposite bank.

    There's a female creeping and crawling about behind that there door.

    Beyond them here and there only he saw patches of crouching gray in the underbrush or crawling through the marshes.

    There are no females creeping and—and crawling about in this—this respectable house.

    Judy, crawling on all fours toward the closet, was about to conceal herself behind protecting skirts, when the rap was repeated.

    All at once the attention of the boy was called away from the crawling millions.

    On crawling into the hut and removing my boots, a sad sight was disclosed; but there was no present remedy.

    While I was finding them and then crawling out of them, my companion was catching fish.

Word Origin & History of - crawling

    Word Origin & History of crawling

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