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Word Example of - crazy

    Example Sentences for crazy

    Nobody has seen a sign of her since morning, and Maria's pa's most crazy.

    She's not good looking, and yet she's so nice everyone's crazy about her.

    Nobody would land upon the island to disturb them while that crazy dog was about.

    She remained there for several days, pretending to be crazy.

    The neighbors said she was crazy; but she, Letty, had liked that garden better than all the gardens she knew.

    Here we have hung the cage of a canary that sings as if he was crazy.

    "She was crazy about them, but she just wouldn't give you the satisfaction of knowing it," said Nan comfortingly.

    For supposing that I should be crazy enough to obey that impulse, what would happen?

    Durham exclaimed as he watched the crazy old vehicle disappear along the road.

    Do you think the kingdom of Prussia can be ruled by a crazy fool of a musician?

Word Origin & History of - crazy

    Word Origin & History

    crazy 1570s, "diseased, sickly, from craze; meaning "full of cracks or flaws" is from 1580s; that of "of unsound mind, or behaving as so" is from 1610s. Jazz slang sense "cool, exciting" attested by 1927. To drive (someone) crazy is attested by 1873. Phrase crazy like a fox recorded from 1935. Crazy Horse, Teton Lakhota (Siouan) war leader (d.1877) translates thauka witko, lit. "his horse is crazy."

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