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Word Example of - cream

    Example Sentences for cream

    Then he got the cream, sugar and three spoons, put them on the table, and poured the coffee.

    The sap is at first of the consistency of cream, but it soon thickens.

    It may also be served with cream sauce, or drawn butter with lemon juice.

    Cook on a low fire, salt it sufficiently and grease with cream and nothing else.

    Formulas made from rich top-milk or milk and cream are to be avoided.

    After hearing that the cream was manufactured, I resolved to taste it.

    Pour the mixture into a rubber mold, or, if preferred, drop like cream wafers upon waxed paper.

    Josephine whipped her hand off his palm, where it lay like cream spilt on a trencher.

    Mr. St. George puts my heart in a flutter, when he asks will I have ice or cream.

    A little later it was seen to be a large dish of apricots and cream.

Word Origin & History of - cream

    Word Origin & History of cream

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